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Anyone whos still looking tou can watch hddvds on and PC with windows XP or higher using this software.

HD Playback Pack for HDDVD and BluRay. 

Its 79p and ships worldwide, its made up of a collection of open source apps plus the HFS fix so windows xp can see the discs with an autoinstaller, so you dont need to know anything to do it. You just insert the disc and accept everything. 5 minutes your watching HDDVDs on your PC.

It also allows you to watch HDDVD5 and HDDVD9 movies on a normal PC DVD Player.
Basically I am just charging for the cost of making the disc and you can feel free to sell copies on ebid ebay  and your own websites. 

After all the major media players cut the CODEC from their pack i just want people to be able to watch them again. I started this website as i was infuriated when they tried to simply KILL the format, some of us bought films and players!


1/11/2011 - Press release.


In January of 2011 a small group of HD-DVD Enthusiasts in the United Kingdom began work on bringing back the HDDVD Format using the 3XDVD system. The project aims to distribute Public domain films, Indie films, Classic films and Local productions onto the format.


The original aim was to create software for the PC to play 3XDVDs (HDDVD on dual layer discs) and make the discs compatible with all stand alone players that had been made so that those who had purchased the HDDVD players would not be without films to enjoy in HD and to make the whole thing even more enticing to owners of players the HD films would be sold for the same price as a cheap DVD.


When the project begun the team were looking into 720p disc creation, but as of October 1st 2011 the project moved to 1080p with a series of successful 1080P discs created. The project is homed in Borehamwood and Elstree (Best known for its involvement in, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Eastenders, Big Brother and many other productions).


So as not to limit their audience the people at HDDVD revived have begun an investment cycle to get new HDDVD players into production, with plans to sell them at the same price as a regular DVD player. This project is a great example of people making an effort to make the changes they want to see, as nobody at HDDVD-Revived thought it was acceptable the way millions of consumers were left in the dark and told their technology was redundant after spending hundreds of pounds on it!


The team are looking for HDDVD fans (who would like to see the production of HDDVDs step into full speed) to invest in the project at


and show what people power can do.

Titles from HDDVD-Revived are available on their website and as of December 2011 Amazon, eBay and ebid.

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